Travel Tips & FAQ's

Below are some of the most common questions from our travelers.

Booking A Vacation

How do I find a vacation?
Pick a destination from our explore vacations page. When you click on a specific vacation, you will be taken to a page that provides an overview. On the page, there will be links to detailed information about the vacation you are viewing including the Itinerary, Highlights, Maps, Hotels, Dates & Prices, and more. 

How do I make a reservation? 
Once you have found a vacation that interests you, you can use the "Book It" button located on the vacation pages. You can also call us at 1-800-505-5497 to answer any questions and to book your exciting Mainly Europe experience.

What is the Travel Insurance Protection Plan? 
The Travel Protection plan offers comprehensive protection for your travel investment. In addition to excellent trip coverage and cancellation protection, the plan also includes an Enhanced Cancellation Penalty Waiver that allows for cancellations up to 24 hours prior to departure (or prior business day, whichever is farther out) for any reason. In the event cancellation is for a non-covered reason under the Travel Protection plan, the cancellation penalty retained by Mainly Europe Vacations, minus the Travel Protection payment, will be reimbursed under the Enhanced Cancellation Penalty Waiver, in the form of Travel Certificates valid for travel within two years from the original canceled vacation start date. This Enhanced Cancellation Penalty Waiver does not cover Instant Purchase Air purchased from Mainly Europe Vacations, or independently arranged and purchased air.

Why am I asked to give my passport name, gender, and date of birth when booking air? 
Due to increased travel security around the world, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires airlines to collect this information in accordance with the Secure Flight Program enacted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If the name on the airline reservation does not exactly match the first and last name on the passport, you may not be allowed to board the plane. It is also important that this information be provided correctly at the time of booking, as any changes to your air booking, which includes spelling, could be subject to a change fee, penalties, higher fares, new schedule, and/or cancellation. TSA information is required within 10 days of booking air with Mainly Europe Vacations.  

Preparing For Your Vacation

Do I need a passport and a visa? 
When traveling outside the United States, a passport is required for U.S. citizens and many countries require that the passport be valid for at least 6 months after the date of travel. Some countries also require a visa. We know maneuvering through the world of visa applications and requirements can be a confusing one. We can help. Mainly Europe Vacations is pleased to offer its customers the expertise and experience of Visa HQ Services (Visa HQ), with fast and easy ways to obtain visas, passports, and/or other documents required for travel. 

What size can my suitcase be? 
Due to limited coach capacity, your bag should have dimensions not exceeding 30"x21"x11" (62" linear dimensions) or weight exceeding 50 lbs. Carry-on bags should not exceed the dimensions of 12"x11"x6". Please note that air carriers, cruise lines and other forms of transportation may have other restrictions and requirements including weight, and we recommend that you contact the suppliers directly for additional information.

How many bags am I allowed to bring?
Porterage for one suitcase is included in the vacation price. Airport/train station porterage is not included unless otherwise specified in your travel documents. Due to limited motorcoach capacity, your single bag should have dimensions not exceeding 30"x21"x11" and weight not exceeding 50lbs (22kg). Your air carrier may have stricter weight/dimension limitations than those listed above. Size and weight limitations for carry-on and checked baggage vary from airline to airline and even according to the destination. For up-to-date information on carrier-specific standard checked baggage allowance please contact your airline carrier.

What is the difference between a twin bedded room and a double room? 
A double room is a room designed to accommodate two people, though not necessarily with two separate beds. A twin bedded room has two separate beds of any size; this is what we usually reserve for our travelers.

When will I receive my travel documents? 
Travel documents, including any air tickets, itineraries, and other information, are sent approximately two to three weeks prior to departure provided full payment has been received.

While On Vacation

When can I purchase optional excursions?
You can view and pre-purchase optional excursions 90 days before your vacation starts, which will also be available while you're on vacation. A list of optional excursions will be included in your documents for review prior to departure. By purchasing excursions and activities beforehand, you have the opportunity to craft a more personal vacation experience and plan your time and budget in advance.